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Can everyone please stop sanctimoniously pontificating?
Last uploaded : Sunday 16th Oct 2016 at 15:01
Contributed by : Carol Gould



I am sick to death of the sanctimonious, hypocritical pontificating on TV and radio about Donald Trump. Is any mature woman who has 'lived' a bit going to tell me that the men in her life haven't 'talked dirty' at some point? In the UK we gave the world Mosley, the Dowager Lady Birdwood, David Irving and on the disgusting sex front Jimmy Savile, the Wests, the serial murderer GP,countless peadophiles and child-murderers. When I was Script Editor/Associate Producer on six PD James thrillers Phyllis (PDJ) told us she 'never had to leave East Anglia' to find hideous topics for her crime-writing. And yes, these heinous characters were not running for president but unless we can find hard evidence that Trump raped, tortured and /or murdered someone -- male or female -- he cannot be dumped by the GOP.

What saddens me most is the ugly tone of Britons about the US election. Last night on the massively popular 'Question Time' it was open season not just on Trump but on Brexiters and on the American electorate. Despite some outstanding Americans resident here the panel was all British including a poisonous chap who is the Editor of 'The Independent' - he really made my blood boil. Thank goodness on the equally popular show after QT 'This Week' with Andrew Neil former Minister of Defence Michael Portillo warned Brits against condemning all of America. But as I said earlier, wouldn't the USA have projected intellect, dignity and integrity had it been Condi Rice v Bernie Sanders? I know a lot of you adore Hillary but had Bernie run Trump wouldn't have had an opportunity for vile open season on him. No emails, no Benghazi, no Whitewater, no Vince Foster, no Bill-Lewinsky assignations in the Oval Office etc The one thing Trump said last week at a rally that's true is 'Bernie would have left a legacy.'

The traducing of Trump can be summed up thus:
The pot calling the kettel black.
Let him who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone.

One more thought and then I will shut up. This notion that 'only drunks and sociopaths' (said by the Financial Times and Alex Salmond last night on bbc 'Question Time' re Donald Trump) tweet at 3AM is a slur. Some of my most esteemed colleagues in overseas reporting have routinely stayed up all night messaging to get the news out to the world. I wrote two books and like me most creative people find the wee hours their most productive. WORKAHOLICS like Maggie Thatcher and FDR worked all hours. I could go on but I won't.

Finally on a different tack:

I cannot believe 'War on Everyone,' a film up for the 'Best British Film' BAFTA, got a certificate. It is sadistically violent and the level of cruelty is shocking. This is a film young people will see in the cinema. What stunned me was the laughter from the BAFTA audience, young and old. At one point (I have never done this before in 35 years of Academy membership) I turned around and glared at the row of mature people in the row behind me, laughing their heads off at the cruellest of scenes. The young people to my left were full of mirth, too. I did notice that about eight members left mid-film, but I had booked a centre row seat and didn't want to climb over people having such a good time. Maybe I am too close to the work of war correspondents and follow events in the Middle East, Africa and the Gulf to find anything funny about unspeakable sadism....

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