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Remembering Rabbi Regina Jonas
Uploaded : Saturday 12th Oct 2019 at 18:24 Contributed by: Rabbi Dr Elisa Klapheck

The first woman rabbi to be ordained led an extraordinary life but died in Auschwitz in 1944..


In memory of Rabbi Harry Jacobi MBE
Uploaded : Sunday 19th May 2019 at 11:51 Contributed by: Rabbi Alexandra Wright

On the last boat to escape wartime Holland Harry made it to Britain as a Kindertransporte..


Poland and Hungary: Jewish Realities Compared
Uploaded : Saturday 16th Feb 2019 at 13:29 Contributed by: Professor Antony Polonsky

A January symposium at the Polish Embassy London exploring a world that nearly disappeared..


A tribute to Kindertransporte Ann Kirk
Uploaded : Monday 20th Aug 2018 at 14:20 Contributed by: Rabbi Alexandra Wright

On her 90th Birthday Liberal Synagogue London prayerbook editor Ann Kirk was honoured by this sermon..


The Royal Wedding Sermon's Message
Uploaded : Friday 25th May 2018 at 12:56 Contributed by: Rabbi Alexandra Wright

British Rabbi Wright look at the scriptural references in Bishop Curry's sermon ..


The Chancellor's Budget never addressed the WASPI issue
Uploaded : Sunday 26th Nov 2017 at 11:26 Contributed by: Caitlin Logan

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer's Budget ignored the State Pension issue..


Why the European Establishment Hates the Second Amendment
Uploaded : Sunday 8th Oct 2017 at 14:38 Contributed by: Tom Rogan

When Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Brendan O'Neill debated gun issues...


US rabbis - please don't dictate to Israel
Uploaded : Sunday 10th Sep 2017 at 12:21 Contributed by: Justin Amler

Conservative US rabbis want a special section at the Kotel..


Why the Best War Reporter in the World Suddenly Had to Stop
Uploaded : Thursday 8th Oct 2015 at 19:12 Contributed by: Mark Warren

After 14 years covering the wars of our time CJ Chivers had to stop


The son of legendary lyricist Yip Harburg writes in the Huffington Post
Uploaded : Tuesday 11th Aug 2015 at 16:43 Contributed by: Ernie Harburg

We link to Ernie Harburg's story


An Anglo-Israeli writes about Yitzhak Rabin
Uploaded : Tuesday 4th Nov 2014 at 22:47 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

Jerusalem -based journalist Raviv wrote this in 2003 but has told us it still pertains..


Israeli-Palestinian Intangibles
Uploaded : Friday 28th Mar 2014 at 23:08 Contributed by: John Marks

Can the pain caused by both sides ever be erased?


Remembering Mandela
Uploaded : Monday 23rd Dec 2013 at 12:01 Contributed by: Susan Collin Marks

As Carol Gould has said so often in these columns, if only Libya and other nations had a leader like him...


Reflections on Nairobi and Peshawar
Uploaded : Friday 1st Nov 2013 at 00:32 Contributed by: Akbar Ahmed

The killing of innocent people.. is categorically forbidden in Islam...


Group Singing in Jerusalem
Uploaded : Thursday 18th Jul 2013 at 23:51 Contributed by: Linda Abdul Aziz Menuhin

Evenings of fun and music are bringing Arab and Jewish youth together..


Preparing for Ramadan, the American Way
Uploaded : Wednesday 10th Jul 2013 at 01:20 Contributed by: Naazish YarKhan

'This retreat reinforced my belief that the United States, despite some of its shortcomings, is still one of the best places to practice Islam freely.'


The Islamophobia label is a poor response to UK protests
Uploaded : Friday 7th Jun 2013 at 00:04 Contributed by: Emre Kazim

The co-founder of the Olive Tree Education Foundation argues that the Islamophobia label is not only unhelpful, but even un-Islamic.


The world has changed but the answer to Muslim-Western conflict remains the same
Uploaded : Tuesday 28th May 2013 at 00:11 Contributed by: Dr Fahad Alhomoudi

Any major change in the West can directly or indirectly influence the Muslim world due to increased interconnectivity between regimes, the economy and even lifestyles...


Americans Help Heal Syrian Wounds
Uploaded : Saturday 20th Apr 2013 at 16:38 Contributed by: Kiran Ansari

Doctors from Louisiana to South Carolina to across the USA are going to help sick Syrians..


A Jerusalem Hospital Heals More than Physical Ailments
Uploaded : Wednesday 6th Mar 2013 at 16:35 Contributed by: Tahseen Yaqeen

An Israeli hospital is welcoming to Palestinian patients..


Youth are teaching dialogue skills in Cairo
Uploaded : Wednesday 6th Mar 2013 at 10:21 Contributed by: Vanessa Bassil

Despite a fragile economy and continued unrest Egyptian youth are trying to bring calm..


Language Humanises in Jerusalem
Uploaded : Saturday 9th Feb 2013 at 08:38 Contributed by: Moriel Rothman

'Arabs sing about the same things I sing about: romance, parents, the ocean, food and more romance..'


America's minority religions take centre stage
Uploaded : Thursday 10th Jan 2013 at 12:17 Contributed by: Tamarra Kemsley

Mormons and Muslims have been brought into focus by the media during recent elections..


Latino Muslims carving a new American Identity
Uploaded : Friday 14th Dec 2012 at 18:05 Contributed by: Erika Sanchez

Latinos make up 17% of the American population and their Muslim ranks are rising..


A Day to Remember
Uploaded : Tuesday 13th Nov 2012 at 00:59 Contributed by: Raymon Benedyk

As Remembrance Day arrives a Jewish Bevin Boy reflects on the meaning of this commemoration..


Unrest doesn't spell the death of the Arab Spring
Uploaded : Monday 15th Oct 2012 at 15:56 Contributed by: Mondher Ben Hamida, Wafa Ben Hassine and Mohamed

Despite violence in many countries it is possible to enjoy reconciliation..


Human Connections Matter
Uploaded : Wednesday 10th Oct 2012 at 15:52 Contributed by: Dahlia Scheindlin

Israeli and Pakistani peers have found common ground in recent months..


Libyans stand up for peace after ambassador's death
Uploaded : Tuesday 25th Sep 2012 at 16:00 Contributed by: Yusra Tekbali

Many Libyans reacted with horror when Christopher Stevens was murdered on 9/11/12


Arab Israelis in the Army
Uploaded : Wednesday 27th Jun 2012 at 00:05 Contributed by: Ruth Eglash

Young Arab Israelis volunteer for national service depsite criticism


A Window on the West in Saudi Arabia
Uploaded : Wednesday 6th Jun 2012 at 00:29 Contributed by: Caryle Murphy

The Western Studies Institute is the first NGO in Saudi Arabia to foster Middle East-West understanding..


Women on the road to Political Leadership in Tunisia
Uploaded : Thursday 24th May 2012 at 16:39 Contributed by: Sana Sbouai

Women are dynamically involved in the Tunisisn political process...


A Transplant connecting Israelis and Palestinians
Uploaded : Tuesday 13th Mar 2012 at 23:35 Contributed by: Emmanuelle Hazan

Israeli Dr Raz Somech saves the lives of Palestinian children in a Tel Aviv hospital..


Using Dialogue to boost Yemen's economy
Uploaded : Tuesday 13th Mar 2012 at 23:25 Contributed by: Abubakr Al-Shamahi

Complex divisions within Yemen must be overcome to allow economic progress...


The Monuments Men
Uploaded : Saturday 14th Jan 2012 at 00:43 Contributed by: Estelle Lovatt

George Clooney's next film focuses on the art historians who landed at Normandy to save art stolen by Hitler...


2011 in the Arab World: Change we can believe in
Uploaded : Saturday 24th Dec 2011 at 20:42 Contributed by: Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

We heard that the banks were 'too big to fail;' human beings are asserting that we are too big to fail..


A New Pakistani-US Dawn is Needed
Uploaded : Tuesday 13th Dec 2011 at 01:19 Contributed by: Katherine Marshall

'..No relationship can succeed without a real and honest appreciation of both the interests and concerns on all sides..'


After the British riots, will youth investment work?
Uploaded : Wednesday 12th Oct 2011 at 22:18 Contributed by: Khawar Mann

Placing young people as interns with successful enterprises can turn their lives around..


Why did Lyndon Johnson so admire the Jews?
Uploaded : Monday 29th Aug 2011 at 00:50 Contributed by: Lenny ben-David

LBJ's antecedents are thought to have been Jewish..


Men are essential to Lebanese Women's Rights
Uploaded : Monday 8th Aug 2011 at 00:30 Contributed by: Ghida Anani and Lina Abi Rafeh

The Arab Spring has seen women involved in every aspect of activism ..


Comics for Peace in South Asia
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Aug 2011 at 00:41 Contributed by: Masud Alam

Drawing comic strips can bring understanding in an increasingly turbulent world..


Abigail Adams and her Arab Sisters
Uploaded : Monday 1st Aug 2011 at 00:35 Contributed by: Dalila Mahdawi

'Remember the ladies' said the future President's wife in 1776..


A safe and happy time for Jewish Students
Uploaded : Saturday 31st Jul 2010 at 16:46 Contributed by: Mushka Dubasava

In a world increasingly hostile to Jews and Israel, some young people gathered in Spain..


Tropical Heat and Hot Politics
Uploaded : Sunday 25th Jul 2010 at 16:38 Contributed by: Shoshi Griver

Being Israeli when travelling abroad is not easy..


A Muslim Passover
Uploaded : Wednesday 14th Apr 2010 at 16:21 Contributed by: Mohammad Ali Salih

Despite initial misgivings and hostility to him, a Muslim journalist enjoyed Pesach in Virginia


News Ombudsmen at Your service
Uploaded : Monday 12th Oct 2009 at 16:15 Contributed by: Jeffrey Dvorkin

A Canadian news ombudsperson looks at current hot-button issues in a turbulent world..


The Confluence of Civilisations
Uploaded : Tuesday 6th Oct 2009 at 16:19 Contributed by: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

The voices of moderates must be heard around the globe..


Portrait of a Brave Woman
Uploaded : Monday 5th Oct 2009 at 04:55 Contributed by: Volker Kaminski

Atiq Rahimi, after writing two novels in Farsi, won the Prix Goncourt in 2008 for his first novel written in French, La Pierre de Patience...


70% of Palestinian Youth Oppose Violence to Resolve Conflict
Uploaded : Friday 10th Apr 2009 at 15:36 Contributed by: UN Development Programme

A United Nations research project reveals current sentiments amongst young Arabs in the Territories..


German Muslims and the Israel Question
Uploaded : Thursday 19th Mar 2009 at 14:17 Contributed by: Mehmet Daimaguler

Not all European Muslims are raging against the Jewish State..


There Must No Longer be an Iranian Terror Base in Gaza
Uploaded : Monday 19th Jan 2009 at 00:50 Contributed by: Ephraim Sneh

The use of financial aid to re-arm is the perpetual goal of Hamas and Hezbollah...


An Open Letter to Barack Obama
Uploaded : Monday 24th Nov 2008 at 10:56 Contributed by: Aijaz Zaka Syed

A momentous event for the American people, but much is still expected from Barack Obama...


In Praise of a Brave Woman
Uploaded : Sunday 5th Oct 2008 at 21:00 Contributed by: Ray Hanania

Nadia Hilou is shaking up all communities in her capacity as the only Arab Christian woman in the Israeli Knesset...


A Post-Musharraf Problem
Uploaded : Saturday 6th Sep 2008 at 19:12 Contributed by: Ershad Mahmud

Pakistan must be vigilant about the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan..


Islamic Finance in Tel Aviv?
Uploaded : Saturday 16th Aug 2008 at 01:30 Contributed by: Ariel Ezrahi

Israelis and Arabs need to engage more with each other in major international financial centres..


Don't Forget African American Muslims
Uploaded : Monday 2nd Jun 2008 at 14:09 Contributed by: Aminah Beverly McCloud

Muslim-Americans of African descent feel increasingly marginalised...


Another ridiculous fabrication
Uploaded : Sunday 18th May 2008 at 23:09 Contributed by: Ralph Dobrin

Israel is accused of a multiplicity of sins, including 'racism in hospitals..'


Johann Hari Sees Israel as a Place of Ethnic Cleansing and S^*t
Uploaded : Thursday 15th May 2008 at 01:17 Contributed by: Honest Reporting UK

A poisonous series of articles by Johann Hari has appeared in the British 'Independent...'


Carter's Trip: Boon or Bungle?
Uploaded : Saturday 10th May 2008 at 13:04 Contributed by: Paul Scham

64% of Israelis seek to engage with Hamas but Americans want nothing to do with this democratically-elected Palestinian group....


The recent Gaza Escalation
Uploaded : Wednesday 12th Mar 2008 at 03:07 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

Both sides in the conflict must find a path to a total ceasefire...


Moving Forward
Uploaded : Wednesday 12th Mar 2008 at 02:49 Contributed by: Nehemia Shtrasler

From suicide bombings to rockets, one writer feels the miltary solution is not working...


Religion and Art, Outrage or Opportunity
Uploaded : Tuesday 12th Feb 2008 at 19:47 Contributed by: Anisa Mehdi

The eruptions of rage over artistic expression have been remarkably virulent in recent years...


It's al Qaeda, Stupid!
Uploaded : Thursday 31st Jan 2008 at 14:45 Contributed by: Bilal Y Saab

The present scenario in Israel is not hopeful, and a worse scenario could follow...


What is the Price for Peace?
Uploaded : Tuesday 15th Jan 2008 at 12:05 Contributed by: Douglas Alexander MP

A view of the situation in the Middle East from a member of the British Parliament


Happy New Year from Israel
Uploaded : Friday 28th Dec 2007 at 00:03 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

Our correspondent in Israel tells us about good things never reported in the world media...


A Letter from Iran: Don't pre-empt
Uploaded : Saturday 17th Nov 2007 at 00:04 Contributed by: Mohammed Alireza

Israel must not become involved in an attack on Iran after centuries of peace between Jews and Persians...


The Jewish Lobby Israel Needs
Uploaded : Saturday 17th Nov 2007 at 00:01 Contributed by: Akiva Eldar

The Annapolis Summit will be a profoundly important milestone for Zionism...


Ignoring Burma
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Oct 2007 at 12:30 Contributed by: Gerald Steinberg

The international obsession about Israel has left a blind spot on nations who are in the grips of human rights abuses..


Would Jesus Eat at McDonald's?
Uploaded : Saturday 11th Aug 2007 at 02:44 Contributed by: David Paulin

Left-wing intellectuals in the Presbyterian Church (USA) invariably blame Israel for the world’s troubles. Now, they’ve got another villain...the Big Mac!


Democracy at War
Uploaded : Thursday 2nd Aug 2007 at 20:06 Contributed by: Daniel Jason

Israel has fair fewer anti-terror laws than do the United States and Britain..


Boycotts, Boycotts..
Uploaded : Thursday 2nd Aug 2007 at 20:02 Contributed by: Daniel Jason

A young writer looks at the absurdity of boycotts against Israel..


Thoughts on Shimon Peres
Uploaded : Monday 18th Jun 2007 at 17:06 Contributed by: Rabbi Jeremy Rosen

The Israeli elder statesman and Nobel Prize winner from the eyes of a British rabbi...


Blacklisted by Freedom House
Uploaded : Saturday 26th May 2007 at 02:25 Contributed by: Anthony Posner

A South African writer is blacklisted after challening anti-Zionist rhetoric..


A Challenge to the British Journalists' Union
Uploaded : Sunday 20th May 2007 at 05:25 Contributed by: Chas Newkey-Burden and Arlene Bridges-Samuels

Views continue to be expressed on the NUJ's Israel boycott..


Israel's Accomplishments and Challenges
Uploaded : Sunday 22nd Apr 2007 at 19:45 Contributed by: Gerald Steinberg

As Israel's 59th birthday approaches, a frank look at the issues it faces..


Winter Break in the Holy Land
Uploaded : Sunday 15th Apr 2007 at 19:51 Contributed by: Daniel Jason

A student at London School of Economics offers his views on the real Israel not often seen in the British and world media..


Reaching Across the Divide (VIII)
Uploaded : Sunday 25th Mar 2007 at 00:30 Contributed by: Salameh Nematt and Akiva Eldar

The two journalists continue their heartfelt discussion across the Palestinian-Israeli divide..


Reaching Across the Divide (VII)
Uploaded : Sunday 25th Mar 2007 at 00:25 Contributed by: Salameh Nematt and Akiva Eldar

Arab journalist Salameh Nematt and Israeli journalist Akiva Eldar continue their heartfelt discussion on developments in the Middle East.


Globalisation and the Muslim World
Uploaded : Friday 19th Jan 2007 at 11:54 Contributed by: Mehmood Kazmi

Kazmi asks: 'Muslims 'get' globalisation, but does it get them?'


Terrorists are Criminals, Not Muslim Activists
Uploaded : Saturday 9th Dec 2006 at 22:00 Contributed by: Shaykh Ali Gomaa

Islam is being hijacked by a misguided criminal minority...


Listen to David Grossman
Uploaded : Saturday 9th Dec 2006 at 21:56 Contributed by: Hashem Saleh

Arab Thinkers Must Reach Out to Israel's Moderates...


A Day to Remember
Uploaded : Monday 13th Nov 2006 at 00:09 Contributed by: Raymon Benedyk

As Remembrance Day approaches a Bevin Boy pays tribute to wartime comrades..


An Odious Comparison
Uploaded : Monday 23rd Oct 2006 at 01:21 Contributed by: Anthony Grenville

On BBC 'Any Questions,' Israel's army was likened to that of the SS...


Youth View: Understanding Iran
Uploaded : Friday 20th Oct 2006 at 11:53 Contributed by: Rehan Rafay Jamil

A student at Oberlin College longs for better relations with ordinary Iranians..


Faith and Reason in Islam
Uploaded : Friday 20th Oct 2006 at 11:50 Contributed by: Asma Afsaruddin

In the wake of the Pope's comments and resulting controversy, stereotyping must be avoided..


Religion as a Common Denominator
Uploaded : Friday 20th Oct 2006 at 11:47 Contributed by: Faiz Khan

In an increasingly multicultural West, understanding others' faiths is vital..


The Anti-War Movement and Muslim Extremism
Uploaded : Friday 15th Sep 2006 at 01:39 Contributed by: Simon Waldman

The militant rhetoric in Britain is encouraging radicalism amongst Muslim youth..


Good Deed Meets Cross Border Challenge
Uploaded : Thursday 14th Sep 2006 at 14:33 Contributed by: Ilene R Prusher

The deep sentiments of Israel and Lebanon are a barrier to Jewish-American good-deed-doers...


If I Were the Chief of Staff
Uploaded : Monday 7th Aug 2006 at 04:02 Contributed by: Sayed Kashua

Israel and Hezbollah: another view..


Just Imagine
Uploaded : Saturday 1st Jul 2006 at 11:45 Contributed by: Steven Shamrak

A satirical look at double standards...


The Ugly Truth About the Beautiful Game
Uploaded : Tuesday 23rd May 2006 at 16:29 Contributed by: Chas Newkey-Burden

Chants of 'Yid' and Scum' are common at British soccer games -- the irony comes as Arsenal do a deal with Israel..


Ghada Karmi and other Writers of Fiction
Uploaded : Sunday 21st May 2006 at 22:31 Contributed by: Honest Reporting UK

The British newspapers, most particularly the Guardian, have been waging an unprecedented campaign to demonise Israel...


Rumsfeld's Strange Critic
Uploaded : Saturday 20th May 2006 at 21:57 Contributed by: Roger Aronoff

What is the story on Ray McGovern, who disrupted a Rumsfeld speech in Atlanta and laid siege to his house this week?


'My Name is Rachel Corrie'
Uploaded : Friday 5th May 2006 at 19:52 Contributed by: Chas Newkey-Burden

A British member of the audience of the play 'My Name is Rachel Corrie' reflects on the national state of denial..


Seeking Concensus
Uploaded : Tuesday 21st Mar 2006 at 23:08 Contributed by: William Fisher

A sector of the Jewish-American community is trying to reach out to bring Palestinians and Israelis together for peace..


Muslims Deserve the Same Respect as Christians and Jews
Uploaded : Wednesday 15th Feb 2006 at 19:24 Contributed by: Efgar H Bronfman

The President of the World Jewish Congress discusses the Danish cartoon issues..


Sharon as the Quintessential Arab Leader
Uploaded : Monday 30th Jan 2006 at 22:15 Contributed by: Mona Eltahawy

Ariel Sharon's establishment of a third way party should inspire Arab nations to do the same..


Interfaith Dialogue: The Overlooked Objectives
Uploaded : Monday 12th Dec 2005 at 01:14 Contributed by: Mohamed Mosaad

Scholars must quit composing peace statements, a task many people can do, and commit themselves to the task only they can promote..


Muslim-American Relations:Women's Crucial Role
Uploaded : Wednesday 23rd Nov 2005 at 10:59 Contributed by: Cyra McFadden

As more Muslim feminists demand a role in Arab national affairs, this will reverberate around the globe..


Sharing Common Values
Uploaded : Friday 11th Nov 2005 at 22:15 Contributed by: Nina Gopaul

A meal can do more to mend wounds than a peace conference...


Catchy Disease
Uploaded : Monday 31st Oct 2005 at 22:25 Contributed by: Yoel Marcus

Both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continue to miss opportunities that stare them in the face...


The Road to a Palestinian State
Uploaded : Sunday 30th Oct 2005 at 12:25 Contributed by: Rami Assali

Violence begets violence, even after statehood is achieved...


The London Peace Rally
Uploaded : Wednesday 12th Oct 2005 at 02:08 Contributed by: Isobel Hatfield

Was it for peace or was it a collection of angry anti-American Israel-haters?...


I am Proud to be an Israeli
Uploaded : Wednesday 21st Sep 2005 at 19:57 Contributed by: Ashley Perry

The Gaza pullout as a view of the humanity of the Jewish people whilst the world watched...


In Gaza, Egypt and Israel are Interdependent
Uploaded : Tuesday 20th Sep 2005 at 01:19 Contributed by: Abdel Monem Said

The director of the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies analyzes Egypt's changing security situation..


Listen to America
Uploaded : Saturday 17th Sep 2005 at 22:15 Contributed by: M J Rosenberg

An objection to criticisms from right-wing Israelis who claim the US is pressuring Israel to act against its own interests..


Last week
Uploaded : Tuesday 30th Aug 2005 at 19:54 Contributed by: Noamm Gavrieli

The pullout from Gaza was a media event as well as a human trauma...


It is About Israel's Right-to-Life
Uploaded : Sunday 21st Aug 2005 at 23:52 Contributed by: Paul C Merkley

The American churches' moves to divest from Israel has disturbing and deeply-rooted origins...


Pro-War Folks' Attacks Show Desperation
Uploaded : Saturday 20th Aug 2005 at 01:15 Contributed by: John Nichols

The recent downturn in the popularity of President Bush has caused considerable agitation on the American Right...


Rumsfeld: There Can be no Moderate Solutions to Extremism
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Aug 2005 at 20:36 Contributed by: Donald H Rumsfeld

The American Defence Secretary reflects on the history of extremism emanating from the Middle East...


The Colour Orange
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Aug 2005 at 19:05 Contributed by: Noamm Gavrieli

The novel 'The Colour Purple' by Alice Walker addressed issues in the American Deep South. The colour orange is inflaming Israel...


Things Palestinians and Israelis Share
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Aug 2005 at 12:20 Contributed by: Ray Hanania

Looking at each other with humour during a grim crisis can do no harm...


The Torture Convention Needs Refining
Uploaded : Wednesday 29th Jun 2005 at 01:44 Contributed by: Ben Saul

The international discourse on 'what constitutes torture' must be reviewed....


Abbas Has Accepted the Finality of 1948
Uploaded : Thursday 2nd Jun 2005 at 15:45 Contributed by: Ziad Asali

Washington expects more of Mahmoud Abbas, and rapid change in the region is needed forthwith...


The Hong Kong of the Middle East
Uploaded : Sunday 29th May 2005 at 02:04 Contributed by: Roman Bronfman

With a solid peace settlement and ease of movement within nations, Israel and its neighbours could experience a renaissance...


It's Lucky He Didn't Bring a Violin
Uploaded : Saturday 23rd Apr 2005 at 01:56 Contributed by: Zvi Bar'el

Recent incidents at Israeli checkpoints inspire this look at the mistakes that can be made in the name of security...


A New Peace Initiative
Uploaded : Saturday 23rd Apr 2005 at 01:40 Contributed by: Ray Hanania

A meeting in Chicago brought together Palestinian and Jewish peace groups in a convivial environment...


The Goal of Equality
Uploaded : Saturday 23rd Apr 2005 at 01:33 Contributed by: Uri Dromi

Recent sporting triumphs have brought to light the possibility of Arab-Jewish unity in a troubled world...


A Taste of Home
Uploaded : Saturday 19th Mar 2005 at 01:33 Contributed by: Emily Conway

Coming from a mixed background heightens awareness of the cultural diversity of London...


The Cruel Folly of the London 'Oyster Card'
Uploaded : Saturday 12th Mar 2005 at 01:51 Contributed by: Carol Philips

Low-waged and isolated Londoners are being forced to stay at home because of an expensive new travel fee...


Democracy's Trojan Horse
Uploaded : Saturday 5th Mar 2005 at 00:21 Contributed by: Dr John Fonte

Can a borderless world be a democratic one?...


A Short Story
Uploaded : Friday 4th Mar 2005 at 15:51 Contributed by: Shoshi Griver

An Awards for All essay written in short story form....


Visiting the Holy Land
Uploaded : Wednesday 16th Feb 2005 at 04:54 Contributed by: George Rishmawi

As part of our 2004-2005 Awards for All ongoing writing and reporting project, George Rishmawi has provided this...


The Mayor's Fateful Error
Uploaded : Wednesday 16th Feb 2005 at 04:48 Contributed by: Simon Waldman

As part of our Awards for All essay project, this piece was written before the current controversy about London's Mayor and a Jewish reporter...


A Little Respect
Uploaded : Sunday 30th Jan 2005 at 22:32 Contributed by: Meryl Yankelson

One of our young contributors recounts the nightmare of the hunt for employment in the media...


The Palestinian and Israeli Silver Lining
Uploaded : Friday 28th Jan 2005 at 00:19 Contributed by: Barbra Cooper

There is a silver lining in the sky that shines down on the Holy Land...


Rumsfeld is Safe Whilst He Advances the President's Agenda
Uploaded : Friday 14th Jan 2005 at 22:59 Contributed by: Alfredo Cardenas

As part of the Awards for All series of articles, a view on the American Defence Secretary...


Free Speech for Arabs, Too..
Uploaded : Thursday 30th Dec 2004 at 18:57 Contributed by: Ray Hanania

As part of our Awards for All 'broad expression of views' project, the problems of free expression inside Israel are explored in this editorial...


Why This Jew Loves Christmas
Uploaded : Tuesday 21st Dec 2004 at 03:52 Contributed by: Irwin Graulich

The enthusiastic public celebration of religious holidays in the United States is examined...


Wanted: Middle East Mediator
Uploaded : Monday 20th Dec 2004 at 05:53 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

A resident of Ramallah provides his view...


An Evangelical Christian 'shocked' by Jewish Anger
Uploaded : Monday 13th Dec 2004 at 02:32 Contributed by: Cynthia Dettelbach

The complicated relationship between the Jewish community and evangelical Christians is examined in this compelling exchange...


Hanukah: the Quintessential Female Holiday
Uploaded : Thursday 9th Dec 2004 at 01:09 Contributed by: Andrea Simantov

The many traditions of Judaism enrich the life of the nations of the world who welcome its peoples...


Listen to the Young
Uploaded : Friday 26th Nov 2004 at 06:51 Contributed by: Hassan Shaikh

In an Awards for All esay, a young Muslim expresses his view on the world being shaped around him...


Defeating Life's Object?
Uploaded : Wednesday 10th Nov 2004 at 00:11 Contributed by: Michaela Thomas

The polluted, violent and selfish world in which we live makes one wonder what the future will be like..


Look at Me
Uploaded : Wednesday 10th Nov 2004 at 00:06 Contributed by: Meryl Yankelson

What is ambition? One of our young writers reflects..


Afghans Have Voted, Too..
Uploaded : Thursday 4th Nov 2004 at 14:08 Contributed by: Thomas Berner

A young man who was in Afghanistan during their elections reflects on the miracle he saw...


Rumours About the Draft are False
Uploaded : Monday 1st Nov 2004 at 06:45 Contributed by: Donald H Rumsfeld

The American Defence Secretary has issued a statement about the draft...


Remembering Yitschak Rabin
Uploaded : Thursday 28th Oct 2004 at 19:36 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

The general-turned peacemaker had unique qualities that will forever be missed...


Some of My Best Friends....
Uploaded : Thursday 28th Oct 2004 at 19:25 Contributed by: Burt Prelutsky

Changing times have altered a writer's perspective on the world's perception of Jewish opinion and aspirations...


When Moslem and Jew Give the Gift of Life
Uploaded : Friday 1st Oct 2004 at 18:49 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

At Israel's Hadassah Hospital the ultimate gift is given...


The Young Need Hope
Uploaded : Sunday 26th Sep 2004 at 06:15 Contributed by: Jamal Ghadhi

A young Awards for All writer reflects on the bleak outlook for the Middle East and Gulf...


They Must Climb Down from the Mid-east Fence
Uploaded : Monday 16th Aug 2004 at 17:03 Contributed by: Shira Herzog

The writer asserts that both sides must give way on the issue of the separation wall...


Coping With Tragedy: Fighting Terror with Kindness
Uploaded : Monday 16th Aug 2004 at 16:57 Contributed by: Shmuel Greenbaum

After his wife was killed in a suicide bombing, one man arms himself with kindness and recruits over 10,000 people to join him in his campaign of committing and sharing good deeds..


The Court Opinion on the Wall
Uploaded : Friday 16th Jul 2004 at 23:18 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

Has the Court paid enough attention to Israeli security in its opinion?..


Friendship Through Frequencies
Uploaded : Tuesday 29th Jun 2004 at 18:26 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

A joint Israeli-Palestinian radio station, 'Voice of Peace' has been re-launched after a decade...


A Tale of Two Cities
Uploaded : Tuesday 29th Jun 2004 at 13:06 Contributed by: Jennifer Miller

As part of our Aawrds for All writing project a Londoner writes about the positive sides of city life and travel...


The Silent Majority
Uploaded : Friday 25th Jun 2004 at 00:39 Contributed by: Ata Qeimari

Israeli and Palestinian citizens who want peace must unite and try harder than ever to stop the bloodshed...


Not Uganda or Israel, but Uganda and Israel
Uploaded : Wednesday 9th Jun 2004 at 23:06 Contributed by: Frank Shapiro

A detailed account of the early quest for a Jewish homeland reveals the bitter and stormy events that unfolded at the Zionist Congress..


The Role of Civil Society
Uploaded : Tuesday 1st Jun 2004 at 21:38 Contributed by: Ron Pundak

Behind the images of violence and carnage lie the building blocks to peace amongst professionals and ordinary citizens...


Steady Hand in Rough Seas
Uploaded : Monday 17th May 2004 at 21:59 Contributed by: Robert Andrews

First-hand experience of the Rumsfeld management style puts the Abu Ghraib affair in perspective...


The New Anti-Semitism on our Doorstep
Uploaded : Tuesday 11th May 2004 at 21:48 Contributed by: Melanie Phillips

The eminent Anglo-Jewish writer reflects on an age-old form of racism that is on the rise in Great Britain..


How Can a One-Party Referendum Be Democratic?
Uploaded : Tuesday 4th May 2004 at 21:52 Contributed by: Gershon Baskin

A prominent Israeli Peace Now activist writes about the Sharon Plan that has now been rejected by the Likud party...


Peace Now Statement on Withdrawal Plan
Uploaded : Tuesday 13th Apr 2004 at 21:33 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

As Israeli Prime Minister Sharon heads for Washington, Peace Now offers its view on the newest withdrawal plan...


Israel at the Crossroads
Uploaded : Monday 12th Apr 2004 at 15:45 Contributed by: Imre Herzog

Many committed Zionists want Israel to get to work making peace....


The Myth
Uploaded : Monday 5th Apr 2004 at 14:40 Contributed by: Anthony Patt

An American academic who resides in Germany reflects on the implications of national myth-making...


From Faneuil Hall to Jerusalem
Uploaded : Wednesday 31st Mar 2004 at 22:00 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

A confrontational American crowd tries to cow Alan Dershowitz and reminds us of the Passover story..


The Killing of Sheikh Yassin
Uploaded : Wednesday 24th Mar 2004 at 23:52 Contributed by: Steve Weissman

Was it a good move or a disaster for the region? ....


Remembering the Needs of Israeli Soldiers
Uploaded : Sunday 29th Feb 2004 at 20:08 Contributed by: Ruth Omsky

We live in a world that hates Israel, so this article puts the life of their soldiers into perspective...


Why is No-one afraid to Visit Places more Violent than Israel?
Uploaded : Friday 27th Feb 2004 at 20:14 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

In Jerusalem, a look at the peaceful world of early spring; a new Jordanian-Israeli project and the distortions about Israel in the world's media...


Eight Simple Rules for Evacuating Settlements
Uploaded : Thursday 12th Feb 2004 at 20:34 Contributed by: Debra DeLee

Will American taxpayers absorb some of the cost of relocating Gaza settlers? Can America continue to be expected to help?...


Letter from Jerusalem
Uploaded : Thursday 29th Jan 2004 at 11:42 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

On the day Israel is to exchange 435 live prisoners for three murdered Israeli soldiers and one surviving civilian, a bomb explodes...


Anti-Americanism in the Art World
Uploaded : Wednesday 14th Jan 2004 at 00:30 Contributed by: Estelle Lovatt

'Saving masterpieces for the nation' can mean saving art from those grasping, vulgar Yanks..


Angels in Israel
Uploaded : Saturday 3rd Jan 2004 at 23:52 Contributed by: M J Rosenberg

Tony Kushner's 'Angels in America' inspired this journalist to apply its themes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict...


Shabbat Shalom
Uploaded : Friday 2nd Jan 2004 at 23:17 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

Reporting from Jerusalem, Sheila Raviv looks at the attitudes of Diaspora Jews -- and Christians..


You Probably Didn't Hear About It
Uploaded : Sunday 28th Dec 2003 at 13:40 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

The homicide bombing in Petach Tikva (Place of Hope) went virtually unnoticed this week...


Lost in Obfuscation
Uploaded : Wednesday 24th Dec 2003 at 23:56 Contributed by: Debra DeLee

Peace Now's view on recent initiatives by Prime Minister Sharon, and the fate of the Road Map for Peace...


Bert, Ernie, Tzachi and Ibtisam
Uploaded : Monday 22nd Dec 2003 at 10:22 Contributed by: Israel21c Staff

A TV co-production with Jordanian and Palestinian production companies is bridging gaps made wider by the Intifadah...


Just Thank You, for Now
Uploaded : Monday 22nd Dec 2003 at 10:17 Contributed by: Hazem Saghiyeh

Geneva: '..Nelson Mandela's voice. Leach Walesa's revolution. Jimmy carter's ethics..' a view on the Accords..


Breaking the Ice
Uploaded : Sunday 14th Dec 2003 at 15:29 Contributed by: Walid Batrawi

A trip to the Antarctic is expected to test the compatibility of two peoples whose bitter conflict has left decades of graves in the Holy Land...


A Glimmer of Hope
Uploaded : Saturday 6th Dec 2003 at 22:10 Contributed by: Paul Usiskin

The writer, a leader of Peace Now UK, sees the Geneva Accords as a rekindling of hope between Israelis and Palestinians...


Take My Word For it, Jews Don't Rule the World
Uploaded : Monday 1st Dec 2003 at 23:51 Contributed by: John Hawkins

In the wake of the Malaysian Prime Minister's pronouncement (to a standing ovation) that Jews rule the world by proxy, a view from the USA...


Prisoner Swap: Saving Life or Releasing Potential Murderers?
Uploaded : Wednesday 12th Nov 2003 at 11:16 Contributed by: Jock L Falkson

Could the release of four-hundred Palestinian prisoners engender more violence, not a reduction in murder?..


Unsolicited Advice: A Response to Rumsfeld's October 16th Memo
Uploaded : Friday 7th Nov 2003 at 23:00 Contributed by: Col Dan Smith (Ret.)

We have two views on the Rumsfeld Memo on this site; this one comes from a military analyst...


A Wall By Any Other Name
Uploaded : Friday 7th Nov 2003 at 22:52 Contributed by: Col Dan Smith (Ret.)

An American military affairs analyst looks at the ramifications of the security wall beign completed by Israel..


Assassins' History
Uploaded : Wednesday 5th Nov 2003 at 13:24 Contributed by: William Rivers Pitt

On the occasion of Yitzhak Rabin's yahrzeit and as the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy, we commend this editorial to our readers...


Is there a Palestinian Strategy?
Uploaded : Sunday 2nd Nov 2003 at 22:59 Contributed by: Daoud Kuttab

A veteran journalist of the Jordan Times discusses today?s various options for the Palestinian strategy of independence.


Who is Afraid of the Geneva Accords?
Uploaded : Sunday 2nd Nov 2003 at 22:47 Contributed by: Ksenia Svetlova

Ksenia Svetlova gives an insight on hostile reactions to the recent ?Geneva Accords? and reflects on how representative of the people the negotiators are.


Someone to Talk With, Something to Talk About
Uploaded : Friday 31st Oct 2003 at 22:41 Contributed by: Debra DeLee

The Geneva Accords have been repudiated from many quarters but those who seek to end the cycle of violence are hopeful about the Accords' shelf-life...


Optimists without Hope
Uploaded : Thursday 23rd Oct 2003 at 14:56 Contributed by: M.J. Rosenberg

Palestinians and Israelis cannot be enemies forever; the way the conflict is heading must move back to hope and negotiation...


Against Suicide Bombings
Uploaded : Thursday 23rd Oct 2003 at 14:48 Contributed by: Arab News

Leadership in the Arab world must come to terms with the negative direction towards which it is heading...


Uploaded : Friday 10th Oct 2003 at 18:38 Contributed by: M J Rosenberg

American Jewry is reflecting on Israel's policies this Yom Tov...


The Israeli Air Strike on Syria
Uploaded : Tuesday 7th Oct 2003 at 19:39 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

Our Israel correspondent reflects on the air strike in the context of Yom Kippur..


Oslo Still Points the Way to Peace
Uploaded : Wednesday 1st Oct 2003 at 16:15 Contributed by: Shimon Peres

?..It started in Oslo, and at the end of the day, it will prove to be the only option for all the peoples of the Middle East who choose life.?


Learning to Live Together - Through Writing
Uploaded : Wednesday 1st Oct 2003 at 16:09 Contributed by: Imtiyaz Delawala

A Palestinian-Jordanian Israeli magazine project is bridging gaps in a troubled time...


Saying Shehechayanu
Uploaded : Tuesday 23rd Sep 2003 at 01:37 Contributed by: Jeff Dunetz

On the occasion of the Bat Mitzvah of his daughter, the writer reflects on events ten years ago in the White House Rose Garden..


A Failed Israeli Society Collapses While its Leaders Remain Silent
Uploaded : Saturday 20th Sep 2003 at 22:40 Contributed by: Avraham Burg

The former Knesset Speaker provides a grim overview that will infuriate many and inspire others....


Rummy's Critics Misfire
Uploaded : Friday 19th Sep 2003 at 23:30 Contributed by: James Pinkerton

With the Gulf and Middle East in turmoil, much blame is being laid at the feet of the civilian leadership of the Pentagon....


Murder on the Middle East Express
Uploaded : Monday 15th Sep 2003 at 21:52 Contributed by: Mark Rosenblum

The support of Palestinian moderates is the way to peace..


The BBC, PC and the PM
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Sep 2003 at 23:55 Contributed by: Richard Grunberger

The British media have been focussed on the tragic death of Dr David Kelly, but the real issues are being submerged..


Abu Mazen and the Policy of Betting on Rationality
Uploaded : Monday 25th Aug 2003 at 18:38 Contributed by: Hazem Saghiyeh

A leading Arab writer interprets the way Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is navigating a near-impossible journey...


Arab Americans and American Jews Agree on Path to Peace
Uploaded : Sunday 17th Aug 2003 at 23:42 Contributed by: James Zogby

One of the foremost pollsters in the United States reports on the views on the 'Road Map' held by the two groups ..


Sharon's Wall
Uploaded : Sunday 17th Aug 2003 at 23:35 Contributed by: Hazem Saghiyeh

The wall is seen as a nightmare revival of the Berlin structure: but will its demolition bring peace or more terror?..


Israeli-Palestinian Peace Must Not be Delayed
Uploaded : Friday 8th Aug 2003 at 15:06 Contributed by: Debra DeLee

Americans for Peace Now's new Press Release on the current situation...


An Accusation
Uploaded : Sunday 3rd Aug 2003 at 21:31 Contributed by: Bill Oakfield

An 81-year-old refugee from Nazi Germany discusses recently-revealed events that prevented more Jewish refugees from entering Northern Rhodesia...


Hug a Jew
Uploaded : Thursday 31st Jul 2003 at 23:18 Contributed by: Ahmed Nassef

The Editor of Muslim Wake Up discusses his programme of positive images of Jewish society for Muslims around the world...


White Flag of Surrender?
Uploaded : Wednesday 30th Jul 2003 at 22:29 Contributed by: Chaya Rivka Schiloni

Mixed signals from the Bush Administration are creating worrying anomalies in Israel...


Sharon Travels to Oslo and Revisits Peace
Uploaded : Friday 18th Jul 2003 at 22:42 Contributed by: Terje Roed-Larsen

Ten years on from the Declaration of Principles, Larsen sees Sharon as a man of courage...


Refocussing on Forgiveness Would Produce Peace and Stability
Uploaded : Friday 18th Jul 2003 at 22:30 Contributed by: David Work

Does the Middle East need a Mandela or Tutu?...


Internal Palestinian Dialogue: the Non-Violence Strategy
Uploaded : Thursday 17th Jul 2003 at 16:08 Contributed by: Tawfiq Abu Bakr

'....After September 11, the killer of civilians, under any pretext, is a miniature Osama bin Laden...'


People's Voice for Peace
Uploaded : Wednesday 2nd Jul 2003 at 23:46 Contributed by: Dan Baron

A former Israeli Security Services chief and Palestinian Dr Sari Nusseibeh have launched a peace initiative of their own....


Follow South Africa's Lead
Uploaded : Wednesday 2nd Jul 2003 at 23:40 Contributed by: Shira Herzog

FW de Clerk has been in Israel to address a conference on conflict resolution. The differences between his nation and Israel are examined ....


The Third Incarnation
Uploaded : Monday 16th Jun 2003 at 19:59 Contributed by: Richard Grunberger

A compelling examination of the new fascism: the curious partnership of anti-war, anti-American movements with extremist anti-Jewish agendas....


The Non-Violence Alternative
Uploaded : Saturday 14th Jun 2003 at 22:40 Contributed by: Noah Salameh

This article was written before the outbreak of hideous violence this past week, and in that context it provides food for thought..


Regarding Dan Cruickshank
Uploaded : Sunday 8th Jun 2003 at 23:13 Contributed by: Allan Levine

A reader in the UK responds in an Open Letter to the BBC to 'The Road to Armageddon' and its distorted view of historic and sacred Israel as well as his hypocrisy in a visit to Iraq...


Middle East Peace Report
Uploaded : Monday 2nd Jun 2003 at 16:22 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

Americans for Peace Now provide their perspective on present events....


Sobering Words
Uploaded : Sunday 25th May 2003 at 21:55 Contributed by: Bethany Hunt

At the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland this week the American Defence Secretary made moving reference to the late Adlai Stevenson and gave sober warnings to the cadets...


Solving the Conundrum
Uploaded : Sunday 25th May 2003 at 16:33 Contributed by: Maria Sliwa

Anti-Semitism has become an ubiquitous part of Jewish life in France.....


Britain's Human Bombers
Uploaded : Saturday 24th May 2003 at 15:29 Contributed by: Arab News

What motivates middle class young men to kill themselves for the Palestinian cause? An Arab viewpoint...


Bush's Lightning Rod
Uploaded : Wednesday 21st May 2003 at 01:07 Contributed by: Sheri Wild

JewishComment has featured several stories on the American Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, since September 11 2001 and the Iraq War. Much has been written worldwide about the Bush team and here i


Change the Schoolbooks and You Change the World
Uploaded : Tuesday 6th May 2003 at 01:08 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

Our editorial contirbutor in Jerusalem sees a transformation possible with the destruction of the terror-supporting regime in Iraq and the tough stand on Syria..


The Not-so-Secret War Against the Jews
Uploaded : Wednesday 30th Apr 2003 at 22:55 Contributed by: Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski

Rabbi Krasnianski looks at the analogy with Amalek and the obsessive interest the non-Jewish world has in urging Israel to relinquish lands conquered in war after war with her hostile neighbours...


Is it a Jewish Thing?
Uploaded : Wednesday 30th Apr 2003 at 00:44 Contributed by: C R Schiloni

The proliferation of mosques inside Israel -- a vibrant democracy that shuns no religious group -- is never reported -- only the 'brutality' of the 'apartheid state' ....


An Alliance of Most Favoured Democracies
Uploaded : Sunday 20th Apr 2003 at 16:33 Contributed by: Jock Falkson

Entry to international organisations should be limited to countries who possess democratic systems and ideals...


Girl Talk, Underground
Uploaded : Sunday 13th Apr 2003 at 01:02 Contributed by: Lauren Gelfind

Women of Jewish, Muslim and Christian backgrounds try to find common ground amid the terrible violence in Israel...


Meeting Mohammed
Uploaded : Saturday 12th Apr 2003 at 23:51 Contributed by: Len and Libby Traubman

An absorbing report by an Jewish American couple determined to establish dialogue...


Don't Expect War in Iraq to Trigger a Market Rally
Uploaded : Saturday 5th Apr 2003 at 14:48 Contributed by: A.Kim Fustier

We have seen tremors in the world's markets since the Iraq war began, but is it the only factor in nervous economies?


Entering the Lists
Uploaded : Friday 21st Mar 2003 at 03:49 Contributed by: Richard Grunberger

At the end of 2002 the 'Independent' asked 52 public figures ? from Tariq Ali to Michael Winner ? to list their heroes and villains of the year.....


Roll of Dishonour
Uploaded : Friday 21st Mar 2003 at 03:43 Contributed by: Richard Grunberger

Anti-Zionist and self-denigrating Jews are common throughout major points in our history....


One Road Map for Saddam
Uploaded : Tuesday 18th Mar 2003 at 19:33 Contributed by: Jack Engelhard

When President Bush suddenly brought up the subject of Israel last week, the present scenario began to look not unlike a surreal Luis Bunuel movie..


Why Haifa?
Uploaded : Friday 7th Mar 2003 at 03:00 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

Our correspondent in Jerusalem provides a perspective on Wednesday's tragedy...


The New Israeli Government Means Diplomacy Deferred
Uploaded : Wednesday 5th Mar 2003 at 01:30 Contributed by: Luis Lainer

The co-Chair of Americans for Peace Now paints a grim picture of the hopes for peace..


Losing Friends the Anti-War Way
Uploaded : Sunday 23rd Feb 2003 at 20:37 Contributed by: Stephen Pollard

A senior fellow at the Centre for the New Europe reflects on the social rancour that is generated by the present war/anti-war climate...


Our New European Friends
Uploaded : Sunday 23rd Feb 2003 at 20:16 Contributed by: The Jerusalem Post

Not a day passes without reference to 'Old Europe' and 'New Europe'-- this leader editorial from The Jerusalem Post looks at the way Eastern Europe is changing its 'Jewish agenda..'


Disturbing Questions
Uploaded : Thursday 20th Feb 2003 at 20:26 Contributed by: John Cory

If Iraq does have weapons of mass destruction, Cory asks why the Bush Administration would wish to put the troops of the coalition of the willing in harm's way...


A World of Dichotomies
Uploaded : Sunday 9th Feb 2003 at 00:41 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

The sun still shines on an Israel in mourning...


Kiss The Sky
Uploaded : Monday 3rd Feb 2003 at 00:04 Contributed by: William Rivers Pitt

The distinguished American commentator reflects on the NASA space programme in the shadow of the Shuttle Columbia disaster...


Hell Yes, We Want Oil!
Uploaded : Sunday 2nd Feb 2003 at 23:23 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

We at JewishComment have often argued with USA-bashers that the biggest worry the good-natured average American has is who will contest the Super Bowl. A guest writer looks at the way 9/11 is altering


America's Greatest Dilemma: the Next Election or Mass Destruction of American Cities?
Uploaded : Saturday 1st Feb 2003 at 01:28 Contributed by: Mary Mostert

An eminent American political commentator reflects on President George Bush's State of the Union Address...


Rumsfeld on Veterans, the French, the Germans and the Joint Chiefs of Staff: The Ship of Fools is Running Our Ship of State
Uploaded : Saturday 1st Feb 2003 at 00:52 Contributed by: Mark Karlin

JewishComment has always praised the Bush Cabinet but here is a differing guest viewpoint...


Calling All Nine Million Plus
Uploaded : Thursday 16th Jan 2003 at 20:50 Contributed by: Deb Reich

An impassioned plea to Jews and Palestinians to seek peace and prosperity by recognising their most valuable mutual assets...


Despite the Bleak Situation, Optimists Spin Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plans
Uploaded : Thursday 16th Jan 2003 at 20:02 Contributed by: Gil Sedan

'The dreamers' are trying to bring the two sides together after two years of unprecedented bloodshed. Gil Sedan looks at the merits of the two plans....


The Power of the Word over the Gun
Uploaded : Thursday 16th Jan 2003 at 19:46 Contributed by: Mohammad Sawalha

The Director of the Palestinian House of Friendship relates the story of an ancounter with an Israeli soldier during the feast of Eid..


A New Year's Wish for the Mideast
Uploaded : Thursday 16th Jan 2003 at 19:31 Contributed by: Rami Khouri

The repetitive nature of conflicts in the Middle east is a tragedy that needs resolution once and for all -- leaders must listen to the ordinary people in the street...


Once More, David and Goliath
Uploaded : Saturday 28th Dec 2002 at 15:48 Contributed by: Shira Herzog

A valuable analysis of the state of affairs in the Israeli election battle...


The True Voice of Islam
Uploaded : Saturday 28th Dec 2002 at 15:34 Contributed by: HM King Abdullah II of Jordan

The leader of the Jordanian people raises the Muslim message of peace and understanding that has become obscured by recent terror attacks..


By-passing the Political Establishments to Peace
Uploaded : Saturday 28th Dec 2002 at 15:22 Contributed by: Danny Rubinstein

Rubinstein looks at the efforts by Dr Sari Nusseibeh and former Shin Bet head Ami Ayalon to move peace forward...


Choosing the Path of Peace
Uploaded : Saturday 28th Dec 2002 at 14:58 Contributed by: Khalid Itum

A Jordanian student calls for a shift away from the terror of homicide bombings and towards "the path of peace."


No Common Vocabulary: An Israeli View
Uploaded : Sunday 8th Dec 2002 at 16:57 Contributed by: Yossi Alpher

The distinguished strategic analyst delineates the misunderstandings that have blurred the issues and created an increasingly violent milieu...


Finding Common Ground for Peace in Middle East
Uploaded : Sunday 8th Dec 2002 at 15:54 Contributed by: James Zogby and Debra DeLee

The CEO of Americans for Peace Now and the Director of the Arab American Institute provide a view on the quest for Middle East peace..


Moderates Everywhere Have a Duty
Uploaded : Sunday 8th Dec 2002 at 15:41 Contributed by: Olga Davidson and Mohammed Mahallati

The voices of extremism appear to be getting the upper hand, most particularly amongst the evangelical Right in the Unites States, according to the authors...


A Horseless Rider Dragging a Nation onto the Road to Imported Bigotry
Uploaded : Tuesday 19th Nov 2002 at 14:28 Contributed by: Qais S. Saleh

A distinguished Arab businessman expresses grave concerns about the iniquitous anti-Jewish tract 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' being shown on Egyptian television...


Stand Up and Support Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Uploaded : Monday 18th Nov 2002 at 01:21 Contributed by: Richard Ford

The producer and presenter of Shalom FM London states the case for 'banned books.'...


A Week in Israel
Uploaded : Sunday 17th Nov 2002 at 12:03 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

The two horrific attacks -- Kibbutz Metzer and Hebron -- and the plight of battered women --were part of an average week for our Welsh correspondent who made aliyah..


The Big Lie
Uploaded : Thursday 14th Nov 2002 at 12:50 Contributed by: Sharon Nader-Sloan

A Lebanese-American looks at the half-truths being promulgated about the Middle East...


Loath To Acknowledge American Jihad
Uploaded : Wednesday 30th Oct 2002 at 01:09 Contributed by: Carol Devine-Molin

From a conservative American journalist, a forthright view on the DC sniper..


Roadmap to Nowhere
Uploaded : Tuesday 29th Oct 2002 at 19:51 Contributed by: Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan

Writing from Israel and Al-Bireh, two men in the midst of the maelstrom take a view on the Burns Plan...


The War Film George Bush Doesn't Want You to See
Uploaded : Tuesday 29th Oct 2002 at 17:14 Contributed by: Alexander Walker

The distinguished British film critic Alexander Walker examines the controversy around the remake of Graham Greene's 'The Quiet American...'


How To Prevent Tomorrow's Terror Today
Uploaded : Monday 28th Oct 2002 at 17:28 Contributed by: Rami G Khouri

A Jordanian writer urges the world to look at the root causes of terror as well as waging the war on the groups that perpetrate these acts...


The Buck Stops Here
Uploaded : Sunday 27th Oct 2002 at 17:58 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

The regimes in the Arab world are seen to be a main cause of the situation we face today...


A Question of Definition
Uploaded : Friday 18th Oct 2002 at 00:26 Contributed by: Yossi Alpher

An Israeli view on the interpretation of 'non-violent resistanace...'


A Gleam of Hope in the Middle East
Uploaded : Friday 18th Oct 2002 at 00:03 Contributed by: Gideon Samet

Tony Blair's vision is a creative one that needs the world's attention...


Uploaded : Saturday 12th Oct 2002 at 15:36 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

The lack of interest in Middle East affairs amongst the Hollywood set is denounced...


A Humanitarian Perspective on the Autumn of Our Discontent
Uploaded : Thursday 10th Oct 2002 at 00:15 Contributed by: HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

An eloquent and moving reflection from Prince Hassan of Jordan on the events of the year since September 11th, 2001


Education for Peace
Uploaded : Tuesday 8th Oct 2002 at 20:25 Contributed by: Jayantha Dhanapala amd William C Potter

A report on a United Nations initiative to encourage schools to promote the understanding of conflict resolution...


Still, there is Optimism
Uploaded : Monday 7th Oct 2002 at 19:10 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

In its latest Middle East Peace Report, Americans for Peace Now reports that Israelis still foresee improved Arab-Jewish relations...


Uploaded : Friday 4th Oct 2002 at 23:38 Contributed by: Paul Hawken

An anti-war, anti-violence plea as we near a new Gulf conflict...


Middle East Peace Report
Uploaded : Monday 23rd Sep 2002 at 16:13 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

The latest update from Peace Now...


Israelis Making The Holy Land a Better Place
Uploaded : Saturday 21st Sep 2002 at 18:05 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

Sheial Raviv reports on a concert that symbolised everything virtuous about the Jewish people trying to live in peace and harmony in a hostile region...


Ye Mighty Ones, Heed the Call for Peace
Uploaded : Thursday 12th Sep 2002 at 23:10 Contributed by: Dr Ahmad Y Majdoubeh

A distinguished Jordanian academic urges all sides -- and the powers who sustain them -- to seek peace and reconciliation...


Israel's Public Relations Opportunity
Uploaded : Wednesday 11th Sep 2002 at 00:09 Contributed by: Jeremy Bar-Illan

An article by a new guest writer, suggesting that Israel provide to Palestinian children poisoned by a culture of terror the warmth that Jews worldwide give their own children...


Plain Old Anti-Semitism
Uploaded : Wednesday 11th Sep 2002 at 00:06 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

The double standard perpetually applied to Israeli conduct is thinly-veiled anti-Semitism...


A Dangerous Liaison
Uploaded : Wednesday 28th Aug 2002 at 22:30 Contributed by: Howard Sherrington

A response to Professor Jacqueline Rose's British Channel 4 television special examining the links between Israel and the USA..


The Other Boycott
Uploaded : Monday 26th Aug 2002 at 21:47 Contributed by: Chuck Chriss

Fresh from a trip to Israel, Chuck Chriss laments the absence of world Jewry from the streets of Israel.


Negotiation is the Way
Uploaded : Tuesday 20th Aug 2002 at 23:26 Contributed by: Oscar Arias

A Nobel Peace Prize winner reminds us of Franklin Roosevelt's methods...


One Man's Tale of Hope Amid West Bank Despair
Uploaded : Tuesday 20th Aug 2002 at 23:15 Contributed by: Azzam al-Araj

A Palestinian scientist makes his laborious way to Spain to work for peace with his Israeli colleagues...


Professor Rose Should Be Ashamed of His Sick Joke
Uploaded : Wednesday 14th Aug 2002 at 09:49 Contributed by: Jock L Falkson

A letter the 'The Guardian' newspaper from 45 British Jews renouncing their right to Israeli citizenship has raised many eyebrows...


UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees
Uploaded : Sunday 11th Aug 2002 at 22:50 Contributed by: David Bedein

An evaluation of the manner in which the UN handles refugee crises depending on the country in question...


From the Start, Israel Has Faced Genocide
Uploaded : Friday 9th Aug 2002 at 22:06 Contributed by: Professor Louis Rene Beres

The historical perspective on the violence that continues as we go to press...


The Ethics of Revenge
Uploaded : Wednesday 31st Jul 2002 at 22:40 Contributed by: Yitzhak Frankenthal

A speech by the Chairman of the Families Forum on 27 July in Jerusalem..


Middle East Peace Report Vol 4, issue 3
Uploaded : Wednesday 31st Jul 2002 at 19:29 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

Peace Now's survey of settler views on evacuation has received worldwide attention...


The Second Matmid
Uploaded : Wednesday 31st Jul 2002 at 17:54 Contributed by: David Wilder

From Hebron, the view after the murder of a mother and father and their son -- one of ten of their children left orphaned..


Night Drive
Uploaded : Wednesday 31st Jul 2002 at 15:39 Contributed by: Andrea Simantov

The Israel on which Orla Guerin never reports....


How Boring..More Double Standards
Uploaded : Sunday 28th Jul 2002 at 18:13 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

From the United States, a view on the world's reaction to the Gaza strike...


Dalia Itzik May Need a Time Out, But Not at Israel's Cost
Uploaded : Sunday 28th Jul 2002 at 10:15 Contributed by: Jock Falkson

The controversy over the appointment of a new Israeli Amabassador to Great Britain rages on...


A Letter to Professor Mona Baker
Uploaded : Thursday 25th Jul 2002 at 18:31 Contributed by: Howard Sherrington

A lesson in history for the University of Manchester Academic...


I Always Walked to Shul With My Dad
Uploaded : Monday 22nd Jul 2002 at 15:28 Contributed by: Jeffrey Dunetz

On being observant in an increasingly secular world....


Trembling at Moderation
Uploaded : Sunday 21st Jul 2002 at 13:22 Contributed by: Luis Lainer

Does Sharon's government fear the moderate stance of Sari Nusseibeh?


Uploaded : Thursday 18th Jul 2002 at 11:22 Contributed by: Naomi Ragen

On Tisha B'Av, thoughts from Israel on the Emanuel massacre...


A Challenge We Must Accept
Uploaded : Thursday 18th Jul 2002 at 11:20 Contributed by: Eyad Sarraj

...but democracy means choosing for ourselves...


Middle East Peace Report
Uploaded : Monday 15th Jul 2002 at 23:11 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

A review of the present situation, including the 'who is a Jew?' debate, with excerpts from noted journalists...


The Destruction of the Welsh Shul and its irreplaceable 300-Year Old Sefer Torah
Uploaded : Sunday 14th Jul 2002 at 20:13 Contributed by: Sheila Raviv

In the wake of the vandalising of the Swansea Synagogue, from Jerusalem Sheila reflects on growing up Jewish in Wales...


White Trash With Money
Uploaded : Saturday 13th Jul 2002 at 21:29 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

Ted Turner's recent comments condemning Israel provoked this memory of him...


Spreading the Secret
Uploaded : Friday 5th Jul 2002 at 23:31 Contributed by: Gila Svirsky

A respected peace advocate discusses the Israeli poll that shows a majority favours disengagement...


Focus on the Possible
Uploaded : Thursday 4th Jul 2002 at 12:03 Contributed by: Amitai Etzioni and Shibley Telhami

Two Middle East analysts, based in American universities, offer a new viewpoint..


Japan Wants a Role in the Peace Process
Uploaded : Thursday 4th Jul 2002 at 11:13 Contributed by: Yoriko Kawaguchi

The Foreign Minister of Japan recently visted Israel. Read her observations...


An American
Uploaded : Monday 1st Jul 2002 at 16:48 Contributed by: Anonymous Contributor

An anonymous essay passed to JewishComment by a reader..


Let's See? Terrorise? Get New Land?
Uploaded : Sunday 30th Jun 2002 at 19:46 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

From California, a strong guest viewpoint on the way to deal with terror...


Americans for Peace Now Condemns the Latest Suicide Bombing
Uploaded : Wednesday 19th Jun 2002 at 14:02 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

Americans for Peace Now issues a press release concerning the Jerusalem bus terror attack..


Plus ca Change...
Uploaded : Tuesday 18th Jun 2002 at 15:58 Contributed by: Andrea Levin

Some months ago in 'Reviews,' Jewish Comment lauded the writings of Pierre van Paassen. CAMERA also sees him a a prophet..


Kuwait: Moneys for Palestinians in Hebron 'Siphoned to Arafat'
Uploaded : Saturday 15th Jun 2002 at 13:38 Contributed by: MEMRI

A Kuwaiti newspaper has accused Yasser Arafat of diverting funds meant for Palestinian aid...


Disengage Now
Uploaded : Tuesday 11th Jun 2002 at 18:55 Contributed by: Mark Rosenblum

The Founder of Americans for Peace Now offers a view on the present, bloodstrewn impasse..


A Palestinian View of the Days to Come
Uploaded : Monday 10th Jun 2002 at 13:42 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

Sam Bahour, who has contributed regularly to this site, offers the Palestinian view from inside...


Which Came First -- Terrorism or 'Occupation?'
Uploaded : Thursday 6th Jun 2002 at 23:13 Contributed by: Anonymous

A look at the chronology of terror in the Middle East...


A Voice from Jerusalem
Uploaded : Thursday 30th May 2002 at 18:43 Contributed by: Naomi Ragen

From Jerusalem, one of our regular contributors reflects on the legacy of perpetual terror...


Why I Won't be Seeing the Fjords This Summer
Uploaded : Monday 20th May 2002 at 22:00 Contributed by: Bennett M Epstein

A new guest columnist examines the history of Norway's relationship with the Jewish people...


200 More Reasons to Come to Work Tomorrow..
Uploaded : Sunday 12th May 2002 at 17:09 Contributed by: Mohammad Darawshe

A wonderful programme for children brings Israeli and Arab young people together amidst the present carnage...


The Message of the Peace Camp
Uploaded : Wednesday 8th May 2002 at 23:17 Contributed by: Rabbi Dr John D Rayner CBE

A speech intended for the Israel Solidarity Rally in London but not delivered ...


Deir Yassin Day -- Should We Be So Magnanimous?
Uploaded : Saturday 27th Apr 2002 at 17:14 Contributed by: Anthony Bilmes

The Liberal Synagogue, London, participated in the commemoration of Deir Yassin Day 2002, a Palestinian Day of Mourning. Anthony Bilmes questions this approach...


A View from One Year Ago
Uploaded : Friday 26th Apr 2002 at 17:45 Contributed by: Dr Mustafa Barghouti

We offer this article, sent to us by a Palestinian visitor to our site, its point of view from the perspective of one year having passed since it was written...


'You Will Never Be Part of Our Nation...'
Uploaded : Wednesday 24th Apr 2002 at 22:29 Contributed by: Adam Blenford

A young reader relates his encounter with an Israeli who sees olim as 'part of a different Israel..'


Beyond Retaliation
Uploaded : Wednesday 17th Apr 2002 at 18:07 Contributed by: Rabbi Dr John D Rayner CBE

In a November 2001 sermon Liberal Rabbi John Rayner examined the stories of Jacob and Esau and of Edom and Israel in the context of the tragic Middle East situation.


Address to members of the United States Senate
Uploaded : Saturday 13th Apr 2002 at 23:06 Contributed by: Benjamin Netanyahu

This speech was delievered this week in Washington...


The Mukhtar of London
Uploaded : Friday 12th Apr 2002 at 00:29 Contributed by: Association of Jewish Refugees (UK)

Jewish Londoners are well aware that our Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has never exactly been a fan of Israel..


Missing: Realistic Take on Arafat
Uploaded : Tuesday 9th Apr 2002 at 23:27 Contributed by: Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes feels Yasser Arafat is irredeemable, and observes that the US government is not rushing to negotiate with Saddam Hussein or Mullah Omar...


Report From Ramallah
Uploaded : Thursday 4th Apr 2002 at 17:28 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

Sam Bahour, a frequent contributor to this site, writes from his home in Ramallah as the present siege unfolds.


Peaceful Coexistence in Efrat
Uploaded : Thursday 4th Apr 2002 at 15:38 Contributed by: David Bedein

David Bedein, who hosted JewishComment's Carol Gould when she was making a feature documentary in Israel, tells us a story that we won't see on BBC, ITN, Sky or CNN...


Letter to Colin Powell
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Apr 2002 at 18:49 Contributed by: Christians in Israel

Once again Jewish Comment seeks to give a fair view of the present situation and presents this letter from the English-speaking Christian communities of Israel...


Anti-Semitism and Jewish Weakness
Uploaded : Wednesday 3rd Apr 2002 at 11:34 Contributed by: Martin Wasserman

Martin Wasserman reflects on the perception of Israel when concessions are being made ...


Twin Towns Agony
Uploaded : Tuesday 2nd Apr 2002 at 00:13 Contributed by: Faith Eckersall/ Courtesy of The Bournemouth Echo

Netanya and Bournemouth are twinned with each other. The Passover Massacre resonates with the residents of the peaceful Dorset seaside resort...


A Way Out
Uploaded : Monday 1st Apr 2002 at 15:34 Contributed by: Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan

A Palestinian confined to Ramallah and an Israeli collaborate on a view of the present situation..


Wake Up and Smell the Anti-Semitism
Uploaded : Thursday 21st Mar 2002 at 13:24 Contributed by: Jeffrey Dunetz

In a feature originally published by, Jeffrey Dunetz explores the ominous anti-Semitism that is gaining momentum in the Arab world and beyond...


A Light to the Nations?
Uploaded : Wednesday 20th Mar 2002 at 16:17 Contributed by: Rabbi Dr John D Rayner CBE

Rabbi John Rayner, Emeritus Rabbi of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London, delivered this High Holy Day sermon on 27th September 2001. Sadly, the points he raises remain relevant six months later...


Seven Reasons to Support Israel
Uploaded : Tuesday 19th Mar 2002 at 23:12 Contributed by: The Congressional Record

From the Congressional Record, seven reasons to understand Israel's viewpoint.


Public Relations Backlash
Uploaded : Tuesday 19th Mar 2002 at 00:48 Contributed by: Arlene Peck

A guest opinion about Israeli 'refusenik' soldiers feels they are dangerously disloyal...


So Blame it on the Jews
Uploaded : Wednesday 13th Mar 2002 at 13:13 Contributed by: Declan McCormack/Irish Independent

The Irish Indpendent's Declan McCormack writes a powerful plea for fairness when the media and public are scrutinising Israel's predicament...


A Seat for the Saudis
Uploaded : Tuesday 5th Mar 2002 at 23:53 Contributed by: Debra DeLee

As unprecedented violence erupts in the Middle East, the President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now examines the significance of the Saudi peace initiative..


Daniel Pearl Was One of Us
Uploaded : Saturday 2nd Mar 2002 at 17:37 Contributed by: Reuven Koret

Reuven Koret reflects on the immense value and potential of this young, wasted life...


Occupation Begins to Crack
Uploaded : Saturday 2nd Mar 2002 at 15:12 Contributed by: Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan

Sam Bahour, one of our regular Palestinian contributors, and Michael Dahan, an Israeli-American political scientist, examine the surrent issue of the refusal of some Israeli Reservists to serve in th


Israel:The Way Ahead Part 2
Uploaded : Thursday 28th Feb 2002 at 23:02 Contributed by: Avi Harari

Avi Harari reflects on further aspects of Palestinian-Israeli destiny and offers some thought-provoking solutions...


The US Campaign Against Terrorism: Insights from the Arab World
Uploaded : Wednesday 27th Feb 2002 at 12:40 Contributed by: Dr Ziad Asali

Dr Asali, President of the American Arab Anti-Defamation Committee, gave this address to the Washington Middle East Institute on 19 February.


Israel: The Way Ahead
Uploaded : Thursday 21st Feb 2002 at 13:06 Contributed by: Avi Harari

Avi Harari looks at the present crisis and examines the options...


A Dream Used to Come to Me
Uploaded : Wednesday 20th Feb 2002 at 14:39 Contributed by: Mike Odetalla

Mike Odetalla, Palestinian businessman and author, provides another poetic view..


Truth 1948
Uploaded : Saturday 16th Feb 2002 at 18:44 Contributed by: Mike Odetalla

Mike Odatella, a Palestinian poet based in the USA, offers a poem to express his sentiments.


Occupation is Occupation is Occupation...
Uploaded : Wednesday 13th Feb 2002 at 13:47 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

Sam Bahour is a Palestinian writer and a frequent contributor. This article, written last October, is still pertinent.


The Jordan Factor
Uploaded : Tuesday 12th Feb 2002 at 18:35 Contributed by: Chuck Morse

Jordan has a 'law of return' which applies to any Palestinian living on the West Bank who is not a Jew. Chuck Morse explores this little-discussed issue.


A Response to Yasser Arafat
Uploaded : Tuesday 5th Feb 2002 at 19:19 Contributed by: David George

David George provides a view on Yasser Arafat's recent article in the New York Times.


Mourning the Death of Peace
Uploaded : Sunday 27th Jan 2002 at 01:44 Contributed by: Various Contributors

Hank Roth of has provided these reflections on Uk Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Living with Terrorism
Uploaded : Saturday 26th Jan 2002 at 20:48 Contributed by: Naomi Ragen

American-born novelist Naomi Ragen, who has lived in Jerusalem since 1971, discusses the daily reality of imminent death.


Boycott France
Uploaded : Thursday 24th Jan 2002 at 23:54 Contributed by: Ed Koch (courtesy of Mesora)

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch urges a boycott of France in the wake of an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitism.


Important Facts About Israel
Uploaded : Wednesday 23rd Jan 2002 at 22:38 Contributed by: Women in Green

Jewish Comment gives space to all political viewpoints and therefore provides space this week for this offering. We apologise for some technical faults.


The Enemy Within
Uploaded : Saturday 19th Jan 2002 at 00:06 Contributed by: Ceebee Philips

This week's arrest of suspected al Qaeda operatives in Britain has pushed a non-Jewish writer to her limits.


Plain Truths
Uploaded : Thursday 17th Jan 2002 at 01:13 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

From a Palestinian vantage point....


2002: The year of 2s
Uploaded : Thursday 10th Jan 2002 at 01:33 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

A regular contributor, Sam Bahour, presents the Palestinian view as 2002 begins.


The Shame of Elizabethan Prisons
Uploaded : Saturday 5th Jan 2002 at 23:50 Contributed by: Anthony Bilmes

Anthony Bilmes, a distinguished mediator, examines the parlous state of Her Majesty's Prisons. This lecture was originally delivered at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in London on 9th December 2001.


Teaching Peace
Uploaded : Thursday 3rd Jan 2002 at 19:32 Contributed by: Debra deLee

Debra deLee of Americans for Peace Now discusses the issue of the attitudes towards Israel being expressed in Palestinian textbooks.


A Plea for Realism
Uploaded : Thursday 3rd Jan 2002 at 10:56 Contributed by: Bassem Eid

Bassem Eid, head of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group in Jerusalem, pleads the case for a non-violent solution to the present crisis.


Getting the Facts Right
Uploaded : Wednesday 2nd Jan 2002 at 01:04 Contributed by: Dr Colin Leci

Dr Colin Leci examines inaccuracies in coverage of Israel by the British media.


Creating Peace the Bottom-up Approach
Uploaded : Saturday 29th Dec 2001 at 18:53 Contributed by: Dr Gershon Baskin

The head of IPCRI (Israel-Palestine Centre for Research and Information) offers a view for the future as 2002 arrives.


Believe It or Not
Uploaded : Saturday 29th Dec 2001 at 13:04 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

Sam Bahour offers the 'seasonal view' from the not-so merry vantage point of a Palestinian.


Rising Above the Daily Killings
Uploaded : Saturday 22nd Dec 2001 at 21:42 Contributed by: Michael Dahan and Sam Bahour

An Israeli and a Palestinian express their views on the killing of Rehavam Ze'evi.


A Palestinian View of Post-1967 Israel
Uploaded : Monday 17th Dec 2001 at 23:13 Contributed by: Sam Bahour

Sam Bahour offers a forthright view from inside the Palestinian Territory.


Where We Stand
Uploaded : Monday 17th Dec 2001 at 17:29 Contributed by: Americans for Peace Now

Americans for Peace Now have issued this new statement in the wake of the present tragic situation in Israel.


Tropical Heat and Hot Politics
Uploaded : at : Contributed by: Shoshi Griver

Beign Israeli puts you on the spot whenever you travel abroad..




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